Exhibition Texts:

LIMP AS A MINCE: Disability, Desirability, Shame 

for Pathology of Energy, 2022. (ADI)

'BIO-QUEEN' and 'I CARE A LOT', two texts featured in Lilies in The Headlights, online exhibition, curated Giulia Menagale. 2022. 

Archeology or What if We Kissed at the Skeletons of Modena 


for When Yellow Wishes to Ingratiate it Becomes Gold, an exhibition of Derek Jarman's paintings at Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, Soho, June 2021. 



'FAG' by D Mortimer on Lugubriations, May 2022 


Fag - Lugubriations (

‘The Wheat Field’, poem, in Now I Know, Daylight , Responses to Untitled No 1 (1981) by Agnes Martin Pilot Press, 2021.

How to Draw Hands [PDF] on Warm Yourself by my Trash Fire, May 2020


Begin with the birds, an essay by D Mortimer (Let’s go Swimming Press, 2019).

'Conference Poem #1' by D Mortimer in Queer Modern Poets (Pilot Press, 2019).

We Are the Same Number Now, Poems by D Mortimer & Tyfoid (Let's go Swimming Press, 2019).

'Squish me Tender' by D. Mortimer Granta, Nov 2019.


‘Like Lord Byron’ in A Queer Anthology of Sickness ed. Richard Porter, (Pilot Press, 2019).

‘Masculinity is Leaving The Male Body’ by D. Mortimer Granta, Sep 2018.


‘Supermarket Revelations’ in Liberating The Canon: An Anthology of Innovative Literature ed. Isabel Waidner (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018).



Pregnant Dancefloors and TransBirthings: A Conversation with Chloe Turner and D Mortimer | Stretch Marks by The Agency | Prelude to 'Where Life Begins' (2021) at Neumarkt Theatre, Zurich | 23 April 2021 |






I Don’t Want to Go On Living in This World Without You: Acker, Eminem and Co-Dependency, video work for the ICA, London 2019. Extract (contact for full length work).


Review: José Esteban Muñoz's The Sense of Brown, Roundtable Journal, University of Roehampton, Synergy, issue 3, co-editor.


D Mortimer, The Heart Sink and The Hood Wink: A Creative-Critical Assessment of Temporal Queerness in the Year 2016 in Comparative American Studies, An International Journal. Volume. 17. Issue 1: Queer Subjectivities and The United States. February 2020.

Co-editor with Keira Greene, Metaphor as Metamorphosis: a journal of new writing on metaphor, funded by TECHNE, Summer 2021.

Events / Readings

March 2022, ‘The Poetics of Dysfluency’, creative writing lecture and workshop, The Rosa Kwir Archive, Balzan, Malta.


March 2022, D Mortimer: An Evening of Readings and Q & A, The Rosa Kwir Archive, Balzan, Malta.


The Kathy Acker Reading Group, Host, ICA, July 2019.

'Conference Poem #1.' (Reading) at What is Queer Writing? (Queer Ink), Athens, June 2019.

Queers Read This, Poet (Reading) ICA, London, March 2019.

'I just Wanna B Wherever You Are' (Performance Lecture), Goodbye to London, LimeWharf, London, Feb. 2018.



Ecstatic Antibodies Thirty Years On, Wandsworth Art Journal, July 2021.

‘Blue plaques for LGBT icons is a start, but how do we commemorate the closet?’ The Guardian, 2016.